Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fast life.

So, to start off, Benjamin Oh, my brother from another mother, is backkkk. What's goooood!? So we all had our reunion yesterday and it was like he was away for 3 weeks. No biggie. It was great, seriously. I shall take you through my day yesterday. Did the usual, wake up, gym to do cardio, came home, and showered. Then I was bored so I went to Bayside to get Mark from the trio MBC. I picked him up and wow did it take long to get there. Traffic on the Belt Parkway, on the Van Wyck, on I-678, and all over Northern Boulevard. Nonsense, but I wanted to see Mark, so it was all good in the lovely hood. I stayed at his house a bit as he got ready to leave. (Mark has a really comfortable and nice white leather couch). Ask him about it haha. Left to go eat and we went towards Northern. We ended up at Mad For Chicken, obviously, for chicken. Got the chicken and fries mm. T'was yummy. Then we went to Paris Baugette? I definitely don't think I spelled that right, but whatever. A new bakery lol. Enjoyed some good talk time you know the deal. Man to man, bro to bro. Then we went to Modell's at Douglaston Plaza so we can check out sparring and fighting gear for our MMA vision haha. Waste of time sheesh. The Modell's in Kings Plaza is so much bigger and nicer. Wack. Went back to Northern to meet up Jason at Koryodang, where we spent like 2 hours laughing and talking mad loud haha. No control. This whole time we thought that Benjamin was gonna come to Flushing to eat Kalbi or whatever because that's exactly what he told me the night before when he called. But noooooo. He was going to Pho Hoai at Avenue U back in Brooklyn. Good game fellas. We got owned once again. So we rushed back to Brooklyn, and by rush I mean me and Jason were racing home haha. That was exciting, right Jay? Haha. Biggest smile on Jason's face everrrrr. Went to Viet and saw Ben for the first time in 5 months. Not much changed. It really felt like he was gone for 3 weeks or something. But, for him it was probably mad weird. Everyone came through after. Jungmin and Brandon came out and man it was like a big happy 90 family. The good old days man. Until the fights and arguments and instigating came out hahaha. Instigating... You know who was doing that lol. I missed them good days when we were in our youth times in the summer.

Currently, I am in Hunter College's Writing Lab. Two computers away from Christina because I am too lazy to move over. But, I'll move after I post this up. I'm not that lazy you know. At 4 I'm going to leave to Baruch to meet up with Brandon and then we're off to 32nd street to hang with Yejin! It's been too long chingu. It's seriously gonna be a great night. Nice weather too. Life is so good right now. Oh yeah, I realized that I'm leaving to Haiti in 4 weeks. Crazy no? I don't feel ready, but as the time draws closer, it'll become more real. Until then, SAYONARA!

Hi, Christina Yu.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drawing near.

I've been so bombarded with so much school work and other junk in my life these days that I've totally the most important thing in my life, my God. It's so funny, but more sad, how I can just easily forget and put aside the One that gives me life everyday. Not thinking and not thanking Him enough. But, finals is over and school is over. I'm really stress-free right now, but now theres no more excuses. I can't say that school is making me stressed out and making me so busy that I've been losing my focus. School is over now and I'm drawing near.

I'm drawing near to the throne of grace. A place that desperately wants us, but does not need us. God is calling me back to a place where I once worshiped with passion. I miss those days dearly. No more excuses, no more playing around, I'm back. The song, Heart of Worship comes to mind whenever I'm in these situations where I've been backsliding. "I'm coming back to the heart of worship, where it's all about You, Jesus." It's a great feeling.

On the way home from the gym tonight, I was listening to a sermon on Star 99.1 and the pastor said how you know when you're full of the Spirit when you are enjoying God, but when you're not enjoying God and living for Him, you're not too sure what you're doing. Those are the times you need to just sit back and think. The questions keep coming and you realize that you're not running at the pace you should be. That was me.

I'm running towards the prize and my eyes are fixed on You. An intimate relationship is needed. An honest approach as well. When I'm falling, I need to realize I'm falling. It's only then that the provider will provide. God, I'm coming back.

Pray for Haiti people.