Monday, March 22, 2010

Support me in my short term mission trip to Haiti 2010!

Friends, family, lovers, and whoever.
So guys, I am going to Haiti once again for the third time this Summer.
I am going to Haiti on a short term missions trip.
I have to raise all the money by myself in order to go on this trip that I have committed to.
I have committed my summers to go to Haiti and 2010 is no different.
As you all know, Haiti has suffered a huge earthquake so this summer will be a slightly adjusted agenda for my team and I.
We will be rebuilding Haiti physically, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually.
Last year I asked many of you guys to donate to me. To donate as much as you can and want.
I sort of felt bad asking for money, but it had to be done for me to go on last year's trip.
I also thought maybe next year I can do something else.
So the time has come and I need to raise money once again to go to Haiti.
This year I have decided to give you guys something in return for your donations.
I have created this shirt and I am asking for donations from you guys.
The cost of each shirt is roughly $20.
I am asking that you guys could donate at the minimum $25 or more at your own will.
I will not be making that much from this fund event, so I probably will have to do something else as well.
But, if you guys would like to donate to me and receive a shirt, please tell me how many shirts you would like, sizes, and how much money you guys will be willing to give me.
I really need you guys on this and I'm asking for support.
If you guys cannot support me financially, please support me by praying for my team and I.

Thanks guys for your love,
Charles Chung

Check out the videos here and the rest of the info. Thanks.

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