Saturday, June 5, 2010

The life of a boyfriend.

So, I have been in a serious, committed, intimate relationship for a few weeks now with this girl. Her name is Christina Yu. I don't know if you readers know her, or if there are readers out there, but who cares. Life is really good right now with her. She's fun to be with and she's fun even when I'm not with her. I haven't been in a relationship for about 6 years and it's pretty nice being in one again. It's going well. A lot of fun, a lot of drama, a lot of laughter, and a lot of sad times as well. But, we're chill haha. I'm learning a lot too. A lot about myself as I learn about her. It's interesting because I never thought that I would be in this situation or position ever, but here I am. It's amazing I gotta say. She's amazing. I thank God, I really do, because with Him leading me here, I wouldn't be here. On that note, I have to say that it really is hard to please God when your focus is not centered on Him. Now that I have a girlfriend, a lot of time and thought is placed on her, which should not be the case. God doesn't change for us, so neither should we towards God. In fact, I should be growing deeper and closer to God through this time.

Just wanted to update ya'll with some love because I rarely get time to update my blog anymore (the lady takes up too much time haha). I'll write to you peeps soon. Until then, stay safe.

Oh yeah, here she is.

Isn't she mega cute? ;)

Peace and love,


  1. i would reply on fb but im already on here so oh well. but i lahvvvv my bike it was only 130 with tax :) did some online researchin namsayinnnn and im doing well freaking exhausted from working around 50 hrs/wk :( but at least it brings in the cash money. anywa enough about me i see we have a bit to catch up on ;) we never hung out yet btw!