Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let loose!

I haven't felt like this in a minute, and by a minute I mean about 5 years.
Staying away and pushing aside all the pain and the problems.
Not caring for such topics and experiences that many go through.
It's too much of a burden to handle, so I just locked it up in my heart.

But, these days it's been trying to climb out and it's doing a good job.
Something, no someone, sparked it to jump around in it's cage.
It's been a while since I've felt like this or even heard of itself in me.
Somehow, it found the keys and it started to unlock the cage, slowly.

It became loose and it's been wandering still in the deep parts of my body.
It became loose and it's been making me think about it.
It became loose and it's been waking me up at night because the dream is so unreal.
It became loose and it's been lighting a fire that was burnt out a long time ago.

Ponder that,


  1. i like.

    btw, you might like it :D

  2. omg! i like how you write. so literary :DD maybe you should become a writer instead...