Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sovereignty of God.

What's good Brooklyn and others that are less important. Haha just joking people. I love you all dearly. How have ya'll been? I know I've been missing for the past however amount of days. I haven't posted a post on either one of my blogs in a while and I can blame myself for that. Just got a bit lazy and I got more on my plate these days. Spring semester 2010 has begun and it's been a tad bit busy and all since I'm in school one more day than last term, but one less class. It's a good time, learning a lot and struggling as well. Knowledge + Resources = Power. Remember that one people, it's true.

I finally got a job! What's really good baby? Woot. To be honest, it's a low paying job and it's not a great job at all. I'm going to start working tomorrow at BBQ CHICKEN on Nostrand Avenue, so if you guys wanna come by, you can. I just ring up orders and take orders off the phone and stuff. Easy job, but I hope the owners aren't so anal about everything you know. I already know that they're really cheap people and think about profit, profit, profit, profit, and more profit. All they think about is profit and how they can save more and more money. I guess that's business? But, yea I got this job and it's gonna be real nice because I can finally have some sort of income and have money coming into my pockets on a weekly basis.

How'd I get this job? Well let's go through it physically. I was looking for a job and I told my bud Jungmin about it a while ago. He then asked around and asked another friend Danny if BBQ CHICKEN was hiring and at the time they weren't, but a month later they were. So I got hollered at by Danny and I got it. Good deal I would say.

Let's see this in a spiritual matter now, because I believe everything goes through the one and only God (Deuteronomy 6:4). I knew this was a blessing from God because I really needed it and it was bugging me for so long because I couldn't support myself. Going to school in the city, driving, being involved in so many things require money. I got it, but why? I thought about it and I didn't pray about it really. Maybe once in the span I was looking for one, but it was an "eh" prayer anyways. There could have been only one thing that really stuck out to me. Someone was praying for me. I didn't know who it was, but I knew someone did. There are a lot of people and friends in my life that are currently committed and involved with Early Morning Prayer at my church and it's amazing to me how they can do it every single morning. I tried and I've failed, big time. But I've been witnessing and hearing all these testimonies of how God is answering their prayers and I just had to think back to prayer and how God has everything under control.

I found out who was praying for me this past Sunday, but I won't say who it is. Just for the sake of keeping it confidential between me and that person. I owe this person a lot of thanks and love for being my support and praying for me. It's so encouraging and uplifting when someone is praying for you, especially when you didn't even ask them to. Thanks _____ _____.

But, you guys must be wondering why the title of this post is called, "Sovereignty of God"? Maybe? Maybe not? Who cares because I'm going to tell you anyway.

So, I currently have one professor that I have taken before in my previous semester. His name is Professor Dongsu Kim. He has been my New Testament professor and he is currently my Romans teacher. At times I disagree with what he says and sometimes I enjoy what he says, but he probably knows way more about the Bible and Bible history than I do.

I bring him up because this post is dedicated to him and to the work God is doing in his life and for my witness. I have had the class of Romans twice with Professor Kim so far. In our last class together which was on Monday we were going over Chapter 2 of Romans and we came to a discussion where we were talking about election and predestination. I don't know how it got there, but you know somehow every theological discussion turns to that one. Haha. (That was probably only funny to a few people). Anywho, moving on. We were talking about that subject and the class ended. He was speaking to another classmate of mine and I was also on the side just hearing the conversation out of curiosity and location. Professor Kim was saying how he doesn't know if his father really believes in God. He said that his father professes that he does believe in God and all, but then ones actions should follow as well, but he did not know for sure. Either way God was the final judge as Professor Kim said. God knows everything and all he could do was pray for God's mercy and saving grace for his father.

The next day, I get an email from Professor Kim and class is cancelled. The email further explained that he would be attending his father's funeral service in Korea so he would be absent for the next class. He would return the following week.

It just made me think of how God gives and takes away. After hearing what Professor Kim had said about his father merely a few hours before his father's death. Just crazy. The way Professor Kim handled himself through the email and all must have been just a glimpse of his feelings, but I felt like he could be relieved. Just the fact that we were talking about his father just prior to his death is just crazy. It might be freaky to many people and it sort of is to me, but anything divine is crazy.

We should all think and re-evaluate our lives and the lives we are connected with. Where do we stand in the eyes of God? Are we just bystanders or are we the ones deeply involved? When people view us, do they see the image of God? Are we walking the path of righteousness or are we drowning in wickedness? Do we think we're bigger than God?

That is why this post is titled, "Sovereignty of God."


  1. That is crazy. I like the last paragraph, though. I was wondering about that too. The one about how people "view" us. Took me a while to think about it..

    ..but, wow. You just made me write a whole essay to your response on my blog. You should go read it now, thanks lols.

  2. wow. this was like everything today at teacher's meeting.
    When people view us, do they see the image of God?
    I really really REALLY hope so. I pray for it everyday.