Friday, February 12, 2010

Yo no se.

So currently I am at work doing absolutely nothing. Literally. I've been on my phone for the past hour just facebooking, emailing Benjamin, and texting with Hannah. So I work from 11:30am - 6:30pm today and i'm wondering how im gonna make it if there are no customers. But I'm really bored and I just felt like typing some more to kill more time so here I am typing on m iPhone. It's my first time writing a blog post on my phone but I always wanted to do it since I have the blogger application that allows me to do so.

I just finished writing an email to Ben in Espana. There's supposed to be a squigly thang above the "n" but too lazy to do all that on this phone. As I was writing to him I realized how much this fool means to me. No homo but seriously. We've been through everything together and without him here in the states and mark in Pennsylvania, it's hard to get around. One, I don't have a girlfriend or even a real close buddy here in Brooklyn that I can confide in. Now for those that know me personally might ask, "what about Jungmin?" But Jungmin is a different kind of dose friend. Jungmin is like my nigga that would die for me. A genuine friend but not a friend to confide in and feed off of. It's nothing personal, but it's not his personality to me. But yea back to my point of missing my bros. It's wack haha. I miss this nigga Will too dang. Cracking jokes all the time and just making me laugh and giving motivational speeches randomly on our way home from Queens haha. Good times with some good people.

I guess the reasons why my post is titled, "yo no se" is because I don't know what this post was about. For those of you that don't know Spanish it translates to "I don't know". The next reason is because Ben is in Spain right now and this post is coming as a result of emailing Ben in Spain. The last reason is because I'm working with my Ecuadorian dude which is in the back doing his thang. We have simple conversations in Spanish which is pretty cool.

People listen to my favorite song right now.
Dynamic Duo - 왜 벌써가 (Be my brownie).
It's such a nice and soothing song especially the chorus.

Out and about,


  1. i thought he was ... mexican.
    or is that the other guy? lmaoo

  2. i think it's astonishing that you actually wrote this all with your iphone...weren't your fingers irritated? nonetheless, kudos