Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well it has been a while blog. Almost a whole month has gone by since I have not written in you haha. How have you been people? The two or three that actually read this possibly.

Life has been a rollercoaster, seriously.

There's so much that has been going on lately within my life, spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, etc. So much that I can't even remember half of it, but I've reached this point now.

Life has been good, and it's only getting better.

Just stating here the past few things that I remember and memories that are within me as of right now.

-My grandmother.
Her death and her impact on my life. Just this last week, my cousin and I went to go visit my grandmother's grave and it was sad, but at the same time I got to learn a lot. Me and James were just talking and we got to a point where we were just talking about how awesome grandma was. When we got there, we did the usual traditional korean stuff with the bowing and kneeling, but there was more. This time was a bit different. We were alone, just the two of us and grandma. Usually we are with our parents and more, but this time it was different. James asked me to pray for grandma and for us and as the words were spilling out, my heart was. Everything felt like it were being lifted off of my shoulders. The current stress, the situations, everything. All was well and I felt so relieved.

-Ben, Mark, Jungmin, and Jason.
As much as people put us into a category/clique of MBC, MBCJ, MBCJJ, 90's, I think that we would much rather be called brother's from other mothers. Honestly these are the people in my heart and mind that I know will be with me until my death and further more. No matter what we are all going through in our lives, when we're together, we're family. The past few weeks I've been really thinking about these guys and where my life is going with or without them, but everything seems to end up with us being together at the end of the day. I know because of college and because of distance that we are being split a little bit at a time in our friendship, but I guarantee that in 70 years, we will be chillin' on the front porch together. Listen world, MBC, MBCJ, MBCJJ, 90's, we're here to stay so stop trying to break us down. Thanks.

-The future.
Yes I know, so broad, but this is on my mind. Lately I have been thinking about what's ahead of me. A month from now, the next summer-fall, 2-3 years from now, and the time about my death. I have been thinking about a month from now because I will be starting a new semester and once again it will be another change for me, which usually is something I can handle well, but not prior to the actually change. So, new classes, new friends, and new ways. I have been thinking about the next summer-fall because I'm planning to go back to PBU where I was my freshman year, but then again who really knows what will happen to my mindset of NYC and commuting. Also, maybe my passion of serving overseas or being a light in places of darkness could randomly appear around that time. Once again, who really knows? I've also been thinking about 2-3 years from now because I will most likely have been graduated by then and I will have to decide on what to do with my post-college life. Seminary? Graduate school? My plans for a homeless refuge center? All this has been going through my head. And on farthest side of the spectrum, I have been really thinking about death and the time around it which I would like to be when I am way older than what I am now. This has been a big one for some reason. I have been thinking about my death and how it would effect those around me and how life would be in my old age. I also thought about my friend's and family if they were to die on me. My momma right now is at an age where she should be retiring, but she's still working as hard as an energizer battery and I was just wondering when it will run out. It was really sad for me when thinking of her dying. I was also picturing my friends, especially Ben and Jungmin dying and how it would be. Ben is someone that I honestly share everything with and my best friend dying. I just don't know.

These are my thoughts, these are my memories. Some are exciting, some are sad. But at the end of the day I am still Charles Chung.

So Mr. Blog, I'll leave you with this. Don't take your Mondays, Tuesdays, and so forth for granted. Life is a God given gift and don't abuse it. God blesses us for a reason, and the reason is so that we can live our lives to the fullest for God. To bless means to endorse life, so let's live. The family, friends, and enemies around you are there to provide and bring memories to you. Life is simple, life is short, and life should be memorable.

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