Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's in your box?

Currently I am reading a book called, Seeking The Unseen God by Martin R. Berglund. It's a book that I picked up from a book give-away from a teacher from Philadelphia Biblical University that I attended last year. I got it from Matt McAlack my Youth Ministry teacher and counselor. A few days ago I decided that I wanted to start reading a new book and this was a book that was on the bookshelf that I never read so I picked it up and it has been telling me the things that I am telling others these days. And that was enough for me to say, "Let's write in the blog Charles." So, I'm here on my computer doing what I do... not best, but I enjoy it haha.

So, I recently became a bible study teacher for my Youth Group in FKCB and I teach the senior class. This class consists of Richard You, Gieun Lee, Hwitaeg Oh, Yoojin Lee, Seran Lee, "and that kid David but he hasn't come out in a while." -Richard You

Also, I have led a few of the prayer meetings for the Youth Group's Friday Night Meetings and it has been a blessing. One of the topics that I brought about was the topic of life's decision and plan. I stressed to those at the previous prayer meeting and also in my bible study the importance of doing what God wants for us. Doing what is pleasurable or what is purposeful. I was pleading, "What is your passion? What is your purpose? What do you truly want to do?" These things were the conversation's focus in our bible study.

Now going back and re-focusing on the book that I have told you guys about. There is a little section that I read that was talking about just this. So in a way, this is directed to my bible study students and for those that are in this situation of what to do, where to go.

Could God have a purpose for letting you live in the richest country in the world? Is there a purpose for you being one of the most educated people in the world? (Even if you only have a high school diploma, you're far more educated than most people in the world.) God has a grand plan and a purpose, and just like Moses, you've been put in a very strategic place. Don't miss the opportunity.
In the book Halftime, Bob Buford tells how, as the CEO of his own company in his forties, he began asking himself questions, just like a modern-day Moses. He had come to a point in life he calls "halftime"-the midway point-and he was beginning to wonder how he should live the second half. In the first half of life he had been very successful. But he decided he wanted more than success in the second half; he wanted to do something significant.
Ironically, God showed him the solution to his dilemma through the words of a friend, a business consultant who was not even a believer. After he shared his struggles, his friend asked, "Bob, what's in your box? You know, if you open up a clock, you'll find a mainspring inside you wind it up and it runs the whole machine. What's your mainspring? What's driving you? What are you excited about? What do you want to become? You tell me what's in your box, and I can give you a plan."
Bob explained that he was looking for a new way to live out his Christian convictions and was serious about shifting at least some of his energies away from business pursuits into some unspecified realms of service.
His answer didn't satisfy his friend, because he replied, "I'm gonna ask you again: What's in your box? For you, it is either money or Jesus Christ. If you can tell me which it is, I can tell you the strategic plan you need to implement. If you can't tell me what it is, you're going to oscillate between those two decisions the rest of your life."
No one had ever stated the issue that clearly to Bob before. He realized he would never do anything significant or know the purpose God had for him, until he devided. So he said, ""I put Jesus Christ in the box." It was the best decision he ever made. He went on to start a ministry called Leadership Network, which has had a profound impact on the U.S. But it never would have happened if he hadn't answered his friend's question, "What's in your box?"

Let me ask you: What's in your box? Have you made the decision between purpose and comfort? People, please wrestle and struggle with this. Don't answer the blog or me, answer yourselves, answer God. Think hard, think long, but give an answer to yourself. What is it? What's in your box?

Shalom, blog.

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