Sunday, December 13, 2009

The day after my 19th birthday.

So for my birthday celebration, I decided to go hang with my bros. We got some Pat's cheesesteaks at Philly and attempted to surprise Mark at UPenn. He had a little clue we were doing something cause of me. Anywho, we ate, talked, went to get some gelato, and then went to a diner to get some coffee and hot chocolate because the gelato place had to close. We left Mark and the rest of the gang(Me, Ben, Jason, Jungmin) headed for the Turnpike to go home. And this is what happened in between Philadelphia and New York.

My 19th birthday was great. 2 years until I'm dead.

See you soon Mr. Blog.

1 comment:

  1. AHAHA copss
    that was a cute ending.
    notice that when Jason talks to the policeman, he says "uh" in front of every sentence so it makes him look suspicious lmaoo