Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feet into my Burton Mission boots.. into Burton Freestyle bindings.. on my Burton Custom X '09 147 board.

Yesterday, I went snowboarding! I should end up my post here, but I won't haha. It was a great time overall. Went with Benjamin, Jason, Will, and David(Ben's bud). It was a sweet time. It was great to just get back into snowboarding and just letting loose. I feel like when I'm boarding with the guys that there is no worries, no frets. Just smooth shredding and carving like there's no tomorrow. It puts me at ease temporarily and it is my escape. It's one of the things that I have a passion for, it's more than a hobby, I really do enjoy it a lot. I think there are a few people that share this passion with me and even though we don't considerate our life, it is something big to us. I think it's because we don't live in the suburbs of North Jersey that it isn't our lives, but thank God right? So, for those of you that are dreading to go boarding, I feel bad for you suckas! Just joking. Let's ride together, and let's die together. I wish I had some pictures or videos of us, but nobody has a camcorder. Boo =(. But anywho, life is good and I enjoyed my day yesterday.


  1. ah the aftermath of boarding always ends up in a blog :) having a camera is annoying (i dont have one cus it broke) but it makes your hands cold! though it would be cool to have a fb pic of jumping or something ya know :)

  2. is that a random picture of a guy snowboarding or is that you because i can't tell...

    i wannnna goo snowboarding too D: i can't wait until january

  3. It's just some random person. Probably a white boy. Haha.