Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Fearing God does not mean to be scared of Him or making sure you obey Him every moment of your day. I mean those things are included, but it's much deeper than that. I think to fear God, means that you acknowledge and fully believe that God is God.

"God is God, and you're not."
-Jhan Moskowitz.

That's the beginning of wisdom. Knowing your place, and knowing who you are compared to someone like God. Whenever you think of God or feel His presence, that you are just in total awe and amazement of who He is. How grand He is and how small we are. That a perfect God would even dare to know the dirtiest scums on the earth, us. We say we're sinners and we say that we do bad things, but in God's eyes it must be so beyond that. God is the definition of "good", He is "perfect", and to see us, man we must be like grease towels that mechanics use but worse.

Fear God. Love God.

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  1. that's why i can't face Him right now. i'm too dirty.