Monday, December 21, 2009

Money ain't an issue.

I know that in these next two weeks that I will be having more posts than usual. It's gonna be a busy few weeks, but no more school work! YEAAAAAAAAAAAH! Last 2 finals were today and they were easy as getting a gutter in bowling. I feel pretty good right now.

Let me give you the low down of my pretty decent day.
-Woke up at 10am.
-Went to the gym with Ben and Jungmin by 11am.
-Came home and ate some good korean food with them.
-Got to school by 2:20pm and took my New Testament final. I did the 20 multiple choice questions in about 2.5 minutes(no exaggeration), but the 2 essays after were a little tough.
-Had a 3 hour gap in between the next exam so I decided to study and chat. I caught up with Bruny, which i haven't done in a while and it was a great 2ish hours of just laughing and joking.
-Took my Philosophy final at 6pm. Piece of pie in the sky!
-Took the train back and Ben picked me up from Sheepshead Bay Station and we went to get his car wash and oil change.
-Picked up Jason and went to go eat at Kings Plaza Diner and it was dang good.
-Picked up Will after and we went to Dunkin' Donuts and we chilled like villians.
-Also, we played a huge prank on Jason that we weren't going to go snowboarding tomorrow. Everyone was in on it and then I told him by the end of the night before Ben dropped me off.
-Now I'm here typing all this stuff up, but what really motivated me to write in the blog was something even cooler.

So, I'm one of the few "lucky" people going to Urbana 2010 and as you all know and it's pretty darn costly. The total price of it is $550. I got in a good chunk of it because of help from people, but I still have about $150 left to pay off. Crazy thing is that I didn't really think about the debt of money that I must pay back Pastor Joe, but then people these days have been talking about the price of it and all. Also a friend of mine kept on asking me, "How are you doing with the finances for Urbana?" And I always reply, "I'm good. I'll pull through somehow. No worries." And I really didn't worry at all. Now this brings me to my point.

I'm chilling in front of the computer and all of a sudden my mom brings over a letter for me and she's like, "Oh, this came for you from PBU." I open it and I see a check inside.

A check for $103.96.

It was a check from working that I didn't receive. The date of the check is labeled as 05/22/2009. Crazy! It's about 7 month's later when this check comes in and it's right when it's needed. This somewhat convinces me more of how good God is. He even handles my finances, shooooo. Haha. God is so good.

He kept this check from me for 7 months because He knew I would need it in 7 months. I feel so blessed because I see God working more and more evidently now. You know when you get some money from like holidays and stuff from your relatives and then your momma takes it and says she'll "save" it for you. I feel like thats exactly what God did for me here, except that I got to actually see the money, haha. You are amazing Father.

Just wanted to share with you a bit of what's going on in my life currently. It's really great right now. Loving life, loving God, loving friends, and loving this time. Bless us, Oh God, so we might be a blessing to you!

Shalom in the name of Christ,


  1. yoo thats awesome! God's timing ahhhh fantastic!

    ps- i feel honored to be in your blog lol


  2. aw that's great charlay. AND YOU WENT SNOWBOARDING WITHOUT ME :( not cool man not cool

  3. im really glad everything worked out for you :)
    if only the same could happen with my tuition! haha